No matter what make or model of vehicle you drive, The Brake Stopp can provide you with all of your auto repair and scheduled maintenance needs!

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Quality tires and services

You need quality tires to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle on the road. Worn, outdated tires put you at risk for blowouts and other problems. When you need new tires, visit us for quality tires and tire services for cars of all makes and models.

Top tire brands

• Goodyear

• Dean

• Dunlop

• National

• Cooper

• Republic

• Michelin

• Bridgestone

• Firestone

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When you have car trouble and are stuck on the road, call for emergency roadside service. We offer 24 hour towing service and 24 hour emergency assistance.

We offer wheel alignment, tire repair, tire installation, new tires and used tires for cars of all makes and models. Get tire services for domestic and foreign vehicles.

We are the #1 auto repair shop in the area.

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